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When you decide to sell your property, you are faced with a number of activities that need to be done for the property to be properly marketed and finally sold, and everything carried out in reality in terms of legal, financial and land registry affairs. The main activities are the preparation of documentation, preparation of the property for presentation and tour of customers, photography, energy certification, placing the property on the market, sales and carrying out various accompanying activities related to the sale and transfer of ownership. For commercial real estate properties, the list of activities is even more extensive.

We will do the following...



In addition to the above basic services

if necessary and at your request, we will perform additional activities for you, such as…

You will be alerted to any irregularities related to the documentation. We will attempt to resolve incomplete or disorderly documentation as soon as possible.

With new regulations on the energy certification of buildings. the sellers (owners) of property received the obligation to obtain the energy certificate, and the failure to do so can result in a financial fine. As of 1 July 2013, all buildings (family homes, villas, holiday homes …) or their separate useful units (apartments and business premises) must have an energy certificate prior to the sale.

If necessary, we will organize and carry out an assessment of the actual value of your property.

We can organize and execute for you the professional cleaning and preparation of your property for presentation and sale.

If you want your property to be professionally photographed and presented, we will get that done for you as well.

In case you have additional wishes and requirements related to the property, such as assessment of possible alterations and finishing touches, as well as the performing of all necessary preparatory work, documentation and construction work itself, we will be happy to organize and get that done for you.

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