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Buying a real estate property is a very complex and at the same time highly individualized undertaking, as each buyer has specific needs, requirements and desires. It is possible to tour a property directly with its owner. But do you know for yourself what and how to examine when inspecting a property? Do you think that the owner will point out the shortcomings or weaknesses of their property? Are you able to assess the overall condition of the property, its installations, energy efficiency and estimate the necessary repairs, alterations and potential improvements, including their price? Do you know anything about the surroundings of the property, about the facilities and infrastructure therein and do you have any notion of what changes could be expected to take place in the coming years?

A good agent who knows the market and does his job professionally, is able to find the property he is looking for much faster and more certain. Let’s say you want your own parking space, pool, terrace and children’s playroom. Real estate agent is a person whose job it is to know if there is a property on the market that would suit your needs. In addition, our team can, at your request, prepare a proposal to remodel or upgrade your potential property with a pre-defined cost estimate, so you know at all times what you will get and how much it will cost you. Since buying a property is a long-term investment, such a support from a professional agent has its value and importance.

The situation is even more complex when it comes to commercial real estate properties. Business buyers can be even more exposed to problems and wrong choices because inappropriate properties can reduce profits, increase costs and even complicate their business practices.

Of course, the basic idea is the check and ascertain the state of affairs and all the important facts on time. If you are well versed in finance, legal and tax regulations, construction regulations, architecture, energy efficiency, demography, infrastructure, contractual relations and administrative procedures, then the process of buying a real estate property will be relatively fast and simple. Of course, all this knowledge can hardly be present in any one person, but there is a solution. Just as you always hire a law firm to advise and represent you in legal affairs, so the real estate business requires professionals to do that important and elaborate work for you. And that is an authorized real estate agency.

Aladdin Estates Agency is an authorized agency that will carry out the required work for you. Our real estate agent does not sell, but advises. We are joined by a professional and experienced team of real estate agents, lawyers, construction experts and real estate appraisers, energy certifiers and experts in finance and tax regulation. We will do whatever is necessary to get the whole job done professionally, thoroughly and according to the rules of the profession. Moreover, we'll do the whole job on your behalf. In addition, we are insured against business risk, so as our client you are indirectly insured against possible problems through our Agency.

Our motto is make your dreams come true, the keys into your hands is our promise, and your satisfaction is our true reward. Contact us with confidence, we are here for you.

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