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Legal protection of our clients is our concern and responsibility. In cooperation with our legal team, we provide our clients with legal security in real estate activities, when selling, purchasing, leasing, renting or exchanging real estate properties.

Aladdin Estates Agency meets the legal requirements for real estate brokerage and is registered in the Register of Authorized Real Estate Brokers maintained by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Here you can check this fact, which is the first and basic step for establishing trust, i.e. the official confirmation from the relevant public authority that the Agency you have contacted works legally and according to the rules of the profession.

Aladdin Estates Agency maintains a professional liability insurance policy, which is also a legal obligation. In other words, you, as our client, are insured indirectly through the Agency in case of possible problems or potential damage.

The Agency has enlisted a team of lawyers to draft sales acts (pre-sale contracts and/or sales contracts, sale deed, etc.) and resolve all legal issues that may arise in individual cases. As our client, you are legally insured in this way, and you have no additional costs when drafting sales acts, because this legal service is included in the fee you pay to the Agency. We will acquaint you with all the relevant facts, advantages and disadvantages related to a particular sale. If your future property is encumbered by a bank or mortgage or other restriction, the Agency will protect your interest and will not advise you to buy if you will not be able to register your new property quickly and easily. With the agreed sale, the Agency will execute all the transfer and registration work for you.

The entirety of legal services, from verifying the documentation to registering the ownership and transferring the property, is our job and concern. As your legal security is a key factor in buying and selling real estate properties, the accompanying documentation is prepared very thoroughly and rigorously verified. Aladdin Estates Agency guarantees you a quality solution for every situation in the shortest possible time.

For our clients, the Agency carries out:

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